If you love chicken, but find chicken breast to be a little bit too dry for your taste, chicken thighs might be the perfect alternative for you. Baking them is easy and if you follow the instructions, you will have top quality delicious juicy meat for dinner.

Method Time
Chicken thighs baked in an oven on high 40 minutes at 400F
Chicken thighs extra tender 90 minutes at 280-300F
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Baking chicken thighs is not very tricky if you prep the chicken well. It’s preferable to do on a night before if you want to make your chicken crispy. If you’re using salt and pepper, it’s better if you rub them into the chicken. Then, you should cook the chicken thighs in an oven at 400F for about 40 minutes. If you have a thermometer for meat, it should show the temperature of 170-175F when the meat is ready.  

Make sure that the meat is all done right next to the bone and the juices aren’t red. If the thighs are slightly overcooked, it usually isn’t so bad, as the meat on thighs has more moisture. You can simply drizzle them with a few tablespoons of any sauce or their own melted fat that remains in the baking dish.

This way of cooking is perfectly suitable for recipes that rely much on crispy crust chicken. But, if you want extra tender chicken meat of leaner variety. Chicken thighs usually have a good amount of fat. It’s often used when you cook thighs together with other ingredients in a dingle baking dish.  

But if you lower the temperature to 300F and add a little more time, cooking on a grid and allowing the melted fat to drip down into a bowl, you will have chicken thighs that are very tender inside.

Serve them with a large salad or use the meat for a salad, there are plenty of such salad recipes in many cuisines.

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