Smoked brisket, classic Texan style, is the kind of dish you can make if you want to impress your guests at a cook out. Provided that you do have a smoker. The recipe is pretty simple once you know your way around a butcher’s shop and know your meat cuts.

Method Timing
Brisket, smoked Texan style 1 hour 15 minutes per pound of meat
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Cooking beef brisket this way not only makes it tender, it adds a smoked flavor that is absolutely irresistible. It doesn’t matter, if you’re eating it with your kids and family or planning a romantic outing with a loved one, smoked brisket is always a hit.

But how long exactly does it take to smoke a brisket? Usually, if you set your smoker to 225F, it will take about 1 hour 15 minutes per pound of meat. It’s best if you have a meat thermometer. The optimal temperature for smoked brisket when it’s reach should be 165F. Usually, it will take about 12-14 hours for a 10 pound brisket to get properly smoked.

Do not forget, that if you’re smoking your brisket Texas style, rubbed with salt and pepper only, it should be smoked in two phases. First, open, then, covered in butcher’s paper. For a 10 pound brisket the first phase will take about 7-8 hours and the second – another 5-6. Timings will mostly depend on the size of your meat piece and on meat grade. It will usually take a bit more for beef with more fat marbling to cook. So, it is strongly recommended to use meat thermometer even if you’re used to cooking by the look.

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