I absolutely love Indian cuisine. Making Indian dishes at home might seem like an ambitious resolution especially for the novice cooks. The amount of different spices and seasonings can be overwhelming.

This southern Indian culinary delight is chicken Chettinad and it is easy to make with the convenience of a pressure cooker. 

Chicken is stewed in an aromatic authentic Indian gravy spiced with exotic herbs. Chicken thighs are tender, melt in your mouth, infused with all the fragrant flavors of the spices. And with a magic of a pressure cooker the dish is ready in virtually no time.

The signature characteristic of chicken Chettinad is that it is made with freshly ground masalas. The fresh ground spices make this dish one of the most flavorful in the southern Indian cuisine.

Whole spices are dry roasted first and then grounded into fragrant paste or powder that is then used in a dish to build up the flavors together with aromatics like ginger, garlic and onion. 

Dry red Kashmiri chili is used to create a mild heat wave and add gorgeous red color to the chicken Chettinad. If you do not like spicy curry remove the seeds from the pepper. 

Traditionally this mouthwatering curry is served over rice or with naan bread. Everything is done in one instant pot even dry roasting the spices, which is super convenient and there is no messy clean up afterwards. 

The dish comes out looking so appetizing and emitting insanely tantalizing smell so get ready to hear lots of praise when you make it for your friends and family. Follow the steps below to make delicious chicken Chettinad.