I love a delicious sandwich for lunch and this home cooked chicken sandwich recipe is definitely one of my favorites. This simple time saving meal in-a-flesh can be created using basic ingredients that anyone has in their fridge: sautéed chicken infused with garlic and spices, and mixed with finely chopped red pepper and onion, mayonnaise, and special herb blend. All of them go perfect together, mixed and served on buttered and grilled toast.

Savory chopped chicken mixed with creamy tangy mayonnaise and mustard powder for even more tangy flavor. All served on a carb comforting, toasted bread and make for an irresistible chicken sandwich.

You can absolutely use leftover chicken or any cooked chicken but for this recipe I sautéed mine together with garlic and spices for a more intense, complex flavor. You can use all spice or garam masala as chicken seasoning. I also add a little bit of cilantro for an unbeatable freshness. This sandwich is bursting with flavors, it is not your ordinary boring chicken sandwich.

The choice of bread is solely up to you: my daughter likes it on a simple white, by husband prefers baguette but I love a hearty multigrain bread. This dish is also very cost conscious but very tasty, no fancy ingredients to spend money on but the result is mouthwatering.