Chocolate cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts. You can find a piece of this elegant delicacy in the cafes in almost all over the world. Despite popular belief it is quite easy to cook, and the result is an incredibly delicious and delicate chocolate cake called chocolate cheesecake. It raises the mood, charges with positive emotions and has a positive effect on health. And who doesn’t like chocolate?

So, if you are already fed up with the taste of classic cheesecake, then it’s time to try this perfect chocolate cheesecake recipe.

This chocolate cheesecake combines an Oreo cookie crust, buttery chocolate filling and chocolate ganache. Simply perfect texture, taste and flavor!

In this recipe we use Oreo cookies to make a perfectly black crust. But actually you can use any favorite chocolate cookies or just add some cocoa powder to the cookie crumbs. The result will still be amazing!

Also, you can use any favorite chocolate for this cheesecake. If you like a little bitterness in chocolate cheesecake, then use dark chocolate. And if you like it sweet (so as I do), then add milk chocolate.

This cheesecake is made for those who truly love chocolate. It is delicious, creamy and just satisfying! The entire ingredients perfectly complement each other, turning this recipe into a real culinary masterpiece. So good luck and have fun with this amazing chocolate cheesecake recipe!