If someone knows how to make fried chicken right, it is Popeyes. Chicken is fired to perfection, has amazing flavor and also some heat. It is juicy and tender on the inside with delicious, melt in your mouth meat and the skin is beautiful golden on the outside and extra crispy.

With this fantastic recipe you can recreate your favorite Popeyes chicken at home. The key to really good fried chicken is taking your time making it and high quality ingredients without cutting corners. Use buttermilk, allow it to soak, dredge to perfection before frying, and always use good oil. I also prefer to buy organic chicken for the best results.

Once you will get a hold of the basics you can really experiment with the different spice combinations and flavors. They will really amp up the delicate taste of the chicken, taking it ever the edge. For this recipe we are using a simple combination of pepper, paprika and sugar.

The process of making Popeyes fried chicken is simple. Start with soaking the chicken in a mixture of hot sauce and buttermilk. It helps with tenderizing the chicken and giving it a mild spicy kick, nothing overwhelming, just enough heat. Marinate the chicken for at least 4 hours but better overnight. Dredge in a flour mix and fry in batches.

Serve fried chicken with your favorite southern sides like collard greens and beans. Follow the steps below to make Popeyes fried chicken.