I probably love rigatoni pasta more than any kind of pasta. It’s big enough for a comfortable bit, it’s still small enough to get mixed well and evenly with any sauce and ingredients. And, the best thing for me, if you cook it with a sauce, it gets inside its tube-like shape thus filling each separate rigatoni with flavor.

This rigatoni pasta is cooked with a rich, creamy tomato sauce and pepperoni and it will create a burst of flavors on your tongue. 

This recipe calls for canned tomatoes and it might be easier to use them. However, if you prefer cooking with fresh tomatoes, you can easily do that. Make sure you pick tomatoes with a lot of juice. Cherry tomatoes will also work, but you might need quite a bit of them and maybe a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste as well.

Here’s also a quick little tip for you. Tomatoes and white wine will have plenty of acids which, interacting with the cream may curdle it. The best thing to avoid this situation is not to let the cream boil. Add it as the last ingredient and do not bring to boil, this way you will have a nice smooth sauce. 

Let the rigatoni sit with the sauce for 5-7 minutes before serving so that they absorb the flavor and get filled up with the sauce. Serve with grated cheese and chopped greens. Enjoy!