This is the recipe for the best southern style fried chicken made in an air fryer without extra grease and mess. I am addicted to the convenience of an air fryer. I usually stay away from deep frying anything simply because of the extra calories, extra grease and dealing with the aftermath of oil splattering everywhere, making a huge mess.

This air fryer fried chicken will satisfy your cravings with no extra calories or mess. You are guaranteed comfort and succulent chicken pieces that are cooked to perfection, golden crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside.Making chicken breast in the air fryer is effortless, quick and not messy. I love how convenient it is. The chicken will not dry out as well. There is very little oil being used so no messy grease all over your stove and chicken.

Flavoring the chicken is very important because it will really amp up the taste of the chicken. That is why I marinade my chicken pieces first using a mixture of half buttermilk and half hot sauce. The buttermilk helps keep the chicken juicy on the inside and the hot sauce adds ton of flavor to the chicken.

And I promise it will not be spicy. Marinated your chicken anywhere from 1-24 ours in the fridge. I also season the flour mix for even more flavor. Italian seasoning, seasoning salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne pepper all add wonderful aroma and taste to the fried chicken.

A couple of the helpful tips when frying in an air fryer: Make sure you space out chicken pieces for the best results. That way the air can get around the chicken to crisp it up and give it golden crust. Spray lightly with oil to cover the dried flour spots. I find that using parchment paper helps with the chicken not sticking to the bottom and the breading falling off. Just make sure that you place the chicken on top of the paper before starting the Air Fryer in order not to cause fire.