Achieve super crispy chicken without extra grease and calories of deep frying it. This crispy, breaded chicken breast recipe is a healthier spin on your traditional deep fried breaded chicken breast because it is baked in the oven instead. Chicken comes out golden brown, crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. The key to the best crispy crust is Panko breadcrumbs or Japanese-style breadcrumbs.

This recipe is very easy and quick as well. Like I mentioned the secret ingredient is Panko breadcrumbs. They are large, and flaky. Panko’s crustless bread is coarsely ground into airy, large flakes that give fried foods a light, crunchy coating.

By using this type of breadcrumbs we can achieve an irresistible crunch without deep frying the chicken and instead simply baking the breaded chicken breasts.

The breading process is pretty basic: dip pieces of chicken into flour, egg and Panko breadcrumbs. Then lay them on the baking sheet covered by parchment paper and bake for 25-30 minutes at 425 degrees F. Completely effortless.

These delicious and nutritions golden panko chicken pieces are great as a quick and easy mid week dinner and are especially a huge hit with kids. Serve them with different dipping sauces and they will be gone in a flash. No more greasy deep fried chicken that is loaded with oil, baked panko chicken is wholesome and nutritious.