This delicious sticky sesame honey chicken is a great alternative to a take out meal. So save yourself a trip to a restaurant and make this crispy asian flavors inspired chicken at home.

Chicken is dredged in cornmeal, egg and seasoned flour and fried to crispy perfection and then coated in a mouthwatering sticky sauce. Serve sesame chicken over rice with sesame seeds and scallions sprinkled on top for a complete scrumptious meal.

The sauce is stellar. It is a robust combination of sweet, savory, spicy and sticky flavors that work harmoniously together.

Honey and brown sugar are the key ingredients of the sauce landing it its delicious sticky consistency. The unbeatable timeless combination of sweet and savory that is so prevalent in asian cooking is the dominant in this sauce.

Crispy chicken is to die for. Tender on the inside and crunchy, perfectly fried on the outside it pairs wonderfully with honey sauce.

This homemade version of sesame chicken is so much healthier than the take out. You can really control the ingredients that you put in the dish as well as the amount of sugar, salt and oil. That is why I love recreating take out dishes at home making them more wholesome.

This chicken dish is always a hit and is gone off the plates within minutes. Follow the steps below to make asian chicken recipe.