If you are like me, and never really plan out your meals until the last second this is a great recipe for you. With instant pot, you can cook any of your favorite meats from frozen in a half the time. I rarely cook my chicken thighs any other way. It is absolutely foolproof. Chicken comes out moist and tender, never overcooked or weird textured. This instant pot chicken thighs have been life savers so many times during busy week nights.

Delicious and flavorful chicken thighs are ready in half an hour, way less that it would take to bake them in the oven plus you have your oven free to roast vegetables to come with the chicken.

Give your chicken thighs a generous rub in the fresh and dries herbs, pour chicken broth and just under 30 minutes you are guaranteed to have perfectly cooked, flavorful chicken thighs. Once you master cooking in an instant pot you may never go back. I love how quick instant pot cooks the chicken especially when you are in a rush.

And you can enliven the flavors of the chicken with so many sauces, spices and seasoning combinations. Chicken meat is mildly and delicately flavored and pairs beautifully with so many different tastes, fragrances and aromas.

In this recipe I use a combination of onion powder, cumin, garlic powder, salt and pepper. But the options are endless: Oregano, Basil, Garlic powder, Red chili flakes,  Chili powder, Rosemary, Thyme, Paprika,  Cayenne, Turmeric  all are amazing, aromatic spices that will amp up the chicken flavors.

Follow the recipe below to make instant pot chicken thighs from frozen.