Healthy and delicious chicken tenders are baked in the oven with spicy mustard sauce for a nutritious, protein filled dish that is great for a health focused diet.

Chicken tenders are not breaded but simply coated in a scrumptious sauce and baked to perfection. For this recipe, you can use either whole chicken breast that you cut into tenders or the smaller chicken tenderloins that are already cut in the store.

It can get tricky baking chicken breast. You need to cook the chicken through without overdrawing it. To ensure perfectly cooked chicken tenders you should check a few times to see if they are ready. If you cut one halfway through and the juice is clear chicken is done.

The sauce is simplicity at its best. Whole grain mustard, tarragon, lemon juice, garlic, and paprika come together to create this bold, flavorful sauce. The chicken is tossed in the sauce without adding extra oil, butter or sugar to keep the calorie count even lower. But there is no sacrifices in flavor at all.

This chicken is best when served a top of fresh salad because the mustard sauce can serve a dual purpose of a dressing as well. Quick and easy chicken tenders are far from boring but also nutritious and filling.

Follow the steps below to make baked chicken tenders without breading.