Kreplach soup is a traditional Jewish holiday soup. Kreplach are homemade noodle dumplings filled with ground meat (you can use skimmed one or substitute), mashed potatoes or other fillings served in a bowl of hot chicken broth. It is an adapted version of recipe of homemade popular holiday tradition when the whole family produces kreplach – each and one takes absolutely different forms – triangular, round, oval – variety of them. Generally the form of dough doesn’t matter. Process – that is what definitely makes these holidays dishes really one of the best occasions. The soup is quite fatty cause you include chopped meat (you need to fry it) and any refrigerated grocery, onions or minced vegetable or walnuts can fix it. Frying meat requires oil. It is good fat without dairy and flour.

Follow the instructions stepbystep during the preparing and filling and your effort will be for something with really delicious taste and one of the dishes totally worth eating.

Traditionally you can eat kreplach without water, they are served just boiled. But in our case you can add fresh broth and get the good soup with flavor of herbs.

Making kreplach soup from scratch is not an easy matter. It is truly a labor of love. That is why this delicious soup is reserved for special occasions.

This is the recipe for a basic minced chicken meat stuffed kreplach that are then served in the broth that is made while boiling our chicken for the filling.

The process of making kreplach is pretty time consuming and can get messy, but absolutely worth it in the end.

First the stock is made by boiling the whole chicken with vegetables like carrots, celery and herbs and spices like dill, parsley, cloves, and peppercorns. Boil for about 90 minutes. Then make the dough by whisking together eggs and oil and mixing them with the flour. Let it rest for about 20 minutes then roll the dough out until very thin and almost translucent. Make stuffing by combining shredded boiled chicken, caramelized, sautéed onions, fresh dill and a little bit reserved skimmed fatty liquid from the broth. You can also add chicken skin for a silkier texture and powerful flavor. Pulse all the ingredients in a food processor for a few times until blended but still chunky.

There is a few different ways to cut and fold Kreplach. You can make them triangle, half moon or three corner, whichever you prefer. I prefer cutting the dough in circles with cookie cutter, place a heaping teaspoon of filling into the center of each circle then wet finger and run it around the edge of the circle and fold it in half creating a half moon shape. You will probably end up with about 40-50 kreplach. You can boil them in water or same chicken stock. The dumplings will soak in some of the broth which will make them extra flavorful and very tasty. Serve Your handmade Dumplings in a chicken broth with fresh dill and chopped up carrots from the soup.