You are guaranteed to fall in love with this moist and juicy beer can whole roasted chicken. It is coated in a homemade rub of fragrant spices and olive oil, placed on the opened beer can and roasted whole in the oven at high temperature to a crispy perfection. The steam from the beer keeps the chicken moist and tender on the inside while the outside skin caramelizes to a beautiful golden brown perfection.

This roasting technique is simply brilliant. No more soggy skin on the bottom, the chicken is being cooked up right, sitting on a beer can, that ensures even cooking. The result is crispy, delicious skin all over and moist chicken meat on the inside.

The rub is made with aromatic herbs like garlic powder, chili powder, smoked paprika, tarragon, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Brown sugar really helps caramelizing the outside skin, so this is an essential ingredient in this seasoning. But you can definitely experiment with the rest of the spices and use the ones that you prefer.

You can use any type of beer to use with the chicken, it is not gonna change the taste or the texture of the chicken. You can roast chicken in a special beer can chicken pan or really any pan will do. And I usually make sure the meat is cooked all the way through with the thermometer.

Follow the steps below to roast the whole chicken using the beer can method.