This simple, creamy egg casserole is a great dinner option for a busy week night. It’s cooked with canned salmon, so it is also pretty inexpensive, because the rest of ingredients are frozen veggies, canned soup and other kitchen staples.

This casserole packs a ton of protein from the eggs and the salmon, a healthy serving of vegetables, is easy on calorie count and very hearty and filling. Besides, its incredibly easy to make. You basically just throw everything together and bake it!

One of the best things about this casserole is that its availability and cost doesn’t depend on the time of year. You can always get a bag of frozen peas, a can of salmon and a can of cream of mushroom soup and some onions and bell peppers.

My mom calls such casseroles omelette, because they have a somewhat similar texture. And you actually can easily make it an omelette and half it for breakfast! Just do the egg and soup mixture separately and use the rest of the ingredients as a filling.

The breadcrumbs provide a lovely crust and give a bit more body to the casserole. One tip I could give for baking this casserole is sprinkling it with a bit more breadcrumbs and cheese half way through the baking so that you can have a great cheesy, crispy crust. Other than that, just follow the simple steps below and I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!