Homemade sushi! Sometimes it’s really worth the while. Especially for those who, like me, are addicted to sushi and seriously need a sushi fix once in a while. You can go several ways when you need a sushi fix. Go to a sushi bar and eat as much as your wallet allows. Go to a supermarket and get a set, which is always a lottery, since they are rarely any god. Or make some yourself, and eat ten times more sushi for the price you’d leave at a sushi bar.

Of course sushi bars don’t charge so much for nothing. It does take time and great expertise and tweaking your technique a lot to make great sushi. If you’re not trained to make sushi and don’t have years of experience, you’ll still be able to make pretty decent stuff, but it probably won’t be at a good sushi bar level.

So, if you’re okay with this idea, making sushi at home could be a fun experiment that will result in a sushi binge you’ll love!  If you follow just two simple rules, you’ll do just fine. Rule number one, keep it simple and rule number two, carefully follow the instructions on how to cook rice for sushi. If you wish, you can add rule number 3, keep your sushi knife very sharp.

The instructions are below and I hope you enjoy both the process and the result!