This shrimp and pesto linguini is one of my favorite pasta recipes. First, I absolutely love shrimp. It’s my favorite source of protein. The meat is lean, it’s very easy to cook, it’s perfect for so many dishes. Second, I adore pesto and I make a ton of my own pesto sauce. I even grow basil in my garden specifically for this purpose. And third, linguine is my favorite kind of pasta.

As you can see, this recipe combines three of my favorite things, and boy, does it deliver on all counts. It’s really quick and easy to cook, it’s rich, creamy and delicious, and the flavors are to die for.

I usually use large cocktail shrimp or prawns for this recipe. The important thing is to peel and devein them. When cooked, they roll into a neet little ball. Overcooking prawns is also pretty easy, so mind this, if you’re cooking fresh shrimp, as soon as they turn golden pink and roll into a ball – they’re done. 

Another tip is not to let the cream boil once you add it, or it will get curdled. So, you might want to add it as the last ingredient and only let it warm well. 

Other than that, just follow the easy steps below and I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!