This easy Bisquick chicken pot pie is a brilliant idea when it comes down to a weekend meal prep. You can make the hearty, delicious filling up to a couple of days ahead and then just combine it with Bisquick topping and pop everything into the oven later in a week for quick, comforting meal.

Bisquick is my go-to baking mix for a convenient shortcut and easy homemade cooking. It makes a perfect crust for this cozy pot pie casserole. It is soft, pillow like, the texture is exactly like a homemade biscuits.

The fluffy, carb comforting Bisquick top is a perfect pairing to a rich, luxurious pot pie filling made with aromatic vegetables and cooked chicken simmered in white wine, chicken stock and cream, and infused with fragrant herbs and garlic.

The filling is absolutely phenomenal. And can be easily made ahead. I also use rotisserie chicken for this recipe to make it even more busy week night friendly. Just simply shred the meat of the bones and use the carcass to make homemade stock for later cooking.

This simple but satisfying dish is a complete meal filled to the brim with colorful vegetables, lean, protein rich chicken and nourishing biscuits on the top. You can pretty much use any vegetables of your choice, I love green, beans, broccoli, even mushrooms, they all work great. The recipe is a breeze to make and even beginner cooks can create this mouthwatering dish without any problems. Follow the steps below to make Bisquick chicken pot pie from scratch.