If you are a huge fan of pasta you are gonna love this quick and easy chicken pesto pasta recipe. Cream sauce is infused with aromatic basil pesto and then simmered with plump chicken breast and emerald green asparagus to create this truly irresistible culinary delight.

Pesto is wonderful classic Italian sauce and is a powerhouse of flavors. It is beautiful green, delicious and extremely flavorful thanks to the bold ingredients. Traditionally pesto is a sauce based with fresh basil with an addition of olive oil, parmesan cheese, pine nuts and fresh garlic. Pesto is an amazing addition to so many dishes. It will enliven and give a whole new life to them. It is a wonderful compliment to the pasta and takes the cream sauce over the edge.

You have a choice of using store bought pesto sauce or make it from scratch. I have amazing recipe for homemade pesto sauce on this site.

This scrumptious dinner comes together in short 30 minutes with just a few simple ingredients. They all work harmoniously together. Cream sauce taming the dominant pesto turning it into delicious masterpiece. Chicken breast is hearty and is great for picking up the sauce together with pasta. I use asparagus as a fun veggie ingredient but broccoli, peas, spinach, snap peas all will be tasty additions to the dish.

You can also use any kind of pasta that you prefer: penne, linguine, farfalle all are great for being coated in the rich and luxurious sauce. Follow simple steps below to create this dish.