Chicken breast is a delicious, nutritious and cost conscious protein that is also very versatile and can be cooked in so many different ways. This chicken scallopini recipe is always a huge hit and is a great dinner option to add to your weekly rotation. It is easy, quick and extremely flavorful.

Chicken is seasoned and dredged in flour and then sautéed. It is served with stellar lemon garlic creamy sauce that is definitely takes the center stage over here. The juicy chicken in the amazing, creamy, lemony, garlic sauce comes together incredibly. It is truly a beautiful pairing of the complementing flavors.

Golden brown chicken is delicate and the sauce is creamy, rich and luxurious, bursting with flavors thanks to the aromatics like garlic and onions. Lemon juice really brightens the sauce, cutting through its richness with fresh citrusy notes.

Flour gives the chicken a subtle, golden crust that I love but you can omit it if following low carb diet. I also like to add shopped mushrooms to the sauce sometimes just to bring some earthy, woodsy undertones to it.

This is un ultimate chicken dish. The chicken is moist and tender and smoothed in luscious sauce. You can serve chicken scallopini over rice or pasta, or with a side of any of your favorite vegetables for a complete meal.

It is simple but so delicious, definitely a restaurant worthy dish made at the comfort of your own home. Follow the steps below to create this tasty recipe.