This delicious Mexican chicken and rice is a one pan wonder. We are making three dishes in one pan almost simultaneously. Sautéed chicken thighs, steamed vegetables, cooked, seasoned rice all made together in one pot for an easy breezy, complete meal. The rice absorbs the hot liquid, the vegetables steam, and the chicken braises in the juices. The result is a mountain of perfectly cooked, flavorful rice filled to the brim with a rainbow of vegetables and moist, juicy and abundant in flavor chicken thighs topping it.

This dish is wholesome and nutritious, great balance of protein, carbs and veggies. And it is also packs a powerful flavor punch thanks to the aromatic herbs and seasonings.

Chicken thighs are first marinated in a bounty of fragrant herbs. Bone in, skin on chicken thighs have triple the fat then the chicken breast, that renders into the rice giving it rich, multidimensional flavor. Skin and bones also aid in a more intense and deep taste of the chicken. After the dish is done I like to crisp up the chicken skin under a broiler for a couple of minutes, it ensures the crunchy, indulgent skin that everyone loves.

The secret to the best possible chicken and rice is to use different cooking methods in phases like sautéing, frying and braising. If you follow the simple instructions below you will be rewarded with the most moist chicken with best crispy skin and tender, cooked to perfection grains that are never mushy.

This dish is fitted for any occasion and is always a huge hit.