Bow tie pasta is one of the most decorative pastas ever. It’s my absolute favorite to use in pasta salads I bring to or serve at parties and I love cooking with it when I aim for a dish that does not only taste deliciou but also presents a lovely view.

This bow tie pasta, cooked with chicken, asiago cheese, prosciutto and mushrooms is just that. It tastes wonderful and it looks like it walked off a cover of a gourmet food magazine.

Homemade creamy Alfredo sauce makes it even more special. It absorbs a blend of flavors from the prosciutto and mushrooms, and with fresh herb added, the result is absolutely delicious.

I love using porcini mushrooms for this because they are so aromatic and flavorful, but basically any kind will do. Portabella, regular white or baby bella mushrooms will taste absolutely fine.

One important tip I always stick to when cooking pasta with any kind of sauce. When you boil it follow the instructions on the back of the box and cook it al dente. It will still absorb a lot of liquid from the sauce and if you don’t want it to be too soft and mushy, don’t overcook it.

Serve it sprinkled with fresh chopped herbs and additional grated cheese and black pepper, and it’s a dish worthy of a special occasion. I hope you enjoy it!