My friend has two teenage boys and one first grader boy and oh boy, they eat. Sometimes I admire moms of several adolescent active kids simply because they have to put so much thought into what to cook for dinner. A meal that can be both hearty and healthy and fulfilling enough and, what’s also important, actually taste well for the kids to eat.

This recipe was shared by my friend. Both of her older sons are on a football team and they are very, very active. They need a dinner that will keep up with their lifestyle and speed. This bow tie chicken and sausage pasta certainly does.

First, there’s a variety of meats and proteins in it, and proteins are vital for a growing body. Second, the sauce and meat are delicious and you can stick in a variety of veggies, such as smallish broccoli florets, frozen peas, leaks, spinach. The Italian sausage is so flavorful, the kids will inhale the dish, even if they are meh about the veggies. 

It’s also a dish you can make from leftovers (chicken) ready-made stuff (sausage) and canned stuff (diced tomatoes). That significantly reduces the amount of time and effort spent on cooking the dinner and with a few kids both time and effort are essential resources.

All in all, this is a delicious meal, cooked swiftly and with ease and a lifesaver when you need to feed a small army. I hope you have fun with this recipe!