Some of my fave recipes ever are those that take a familiar dish and recreate it in a totally new shape or form. This taco pasta is one of them.

I really love tacos and taco flavor but to be honest, I’m not really big on tortilla chips or wraps. So when I found that I can have taco flavor on a pasta, I was ecstatic to put it mildly. 

This taco pasta has it all – chilli flavor, ground beef, traditional taco veggies such as bell peppers, corn kernels and onions. It’s flowing with tomato sauce and is absolutely delicious all in all.

You can use any kind of small pasta to create this dish. Bow ties, wagon wheels, spirals, shells, all will do well. It works exceptionally well with a side dish of guacamole and a sprinkling of mexican cheese. 

And what’s even better, it’s a one pot pasta. Meaning, you won’t even have to boil the pasta separately. This is an absolute win-win situation.

When cooking pasta in the same bowl with filling, the timings for it to be ready will be pretty much the same as specified on the box, but it’s still useful to try it for readiness.  

Other than that, just follow the instructions below for this excellent, fast kid favorite.