Fennel is known for its excellent digestion normalizing qualities. It helps to stabilize digestion process and promotes stomach and intestine health. Eating fennel on a regular basis may help you with a lot of digestion problems and speed up your metabolism.

This healthy fennel pasta recipe not only promotes your gastrointestinal health, it also tastes simply delicious. This meal is light, fresh, easy and quick to cook and can be easily made vegan-friendly, if you use tofu instead of parmesan and pick a vegan spaghetti variety.

Garlic, lemon juice and parsley are pretty much all the herbs and spices you need to make this dish intensely flavorful, because fennel also has its own lovely flavor. But if you wish for a bit of more variety, try adding rosemary, it goes very well with lemon and black pepper. I personally don’t like to mix fennel and basil, but some people I know enjoy this combination. Fennel also goes pretty well with dill, because they are very much related. 

Like I always say with pasta, carefully follow the instructions on the back of the bag. Pasta absorbs liquids very well, and in case of lemon juice, it will soften it even more, so make sure you cook it al dente or even less, so that once you dress it and add everything, it won’t become too mushy. Other than that, the detailed instruction is below have fun!