Recreate Chinese take out favorite with this easy recipe. Black pepper chicken is a restaurant quality dish with pieces of thin sliced, tender chicken, crisp rainbow of colorful veggies and rich, flavorful sauce. All of it is done in one nonstick skillet or wok as an added bonus. This delicious meal is ready under 30 minutes including prep.

Making stir fry at home might seem like an ambitious resolution at first. But with this foolproof, solid recipe, once you get a hang of it you’ll understand the workflow and the whole process will become way less intimidating. And when you taste the delicious end result you will never go back to the take out version. The homemade stir fry has less oil, sugar, and sodium, which is more beneficial for you as well.

The key to the tender chicken, just like the take out, is to slice it thin, against the grain and marinade to create better flavor.

Let the chicken sear for 30 seconds before stirring. Cornstarch might make it stick to the bottom and it might tear, I always let it sear first. I also take the chicken out before adding vegetables. It is crucial because the pan temperature will drop significantly. The chicken will overcook, becoming dry and chewy by the time the sauce thickens and the vegetables are done.

Sti frying is a very quick process so make sure you have all of the ingredient handy and ready to go before you start. Follow easy steps below to make this recipe.