Chicken Scarpariello is one of those typical Italian American dishes that is done slightly different in every restaurant or household. Scarpariello translates as “shoemakers” from Italian. It was a quick, easy and flavorful dish that was eaten after a long day of work, that is filling and satisfying but also very tasty and made without using any fancy ingredients.

The base of the dish is pan sautéed chicken thighs and sweet Italian sausage with an addition of roasted potatoes, mushrooms, artichokes and fragrant rosemary, all in a rich chicken stock and butter, lemony gravy.

The ingredients are very interchangeable. You can leave out the vegetables that you do not like and add the ones that you favor. Spinach, roasted red peppers and asparagus work amazing here as well.

Chicken thighs and Italian sausage are really the flavor boosters here. The fat that renders while cooking them serves as a flavorful base for the gravy. The chicken is juicy and moist. Lemon juice is added to the sauce to brighten it up and really cut through the richness of the chicken and sausage flavors. It is a perfect complement to the deep meat taste. Crispy roasted potatoes add a wonderful textural contrast to the dish. The sauce is infused with Mediterranean inspired rosemary herb that is so aromatic and fresh.

Chicken Scarpariello can be served over pasta or with a side salad or vegetables. Add this unique Italian inspired recipe to your rotation and it might become your favorite. Here are simple steps to making this dish.