I can leave on casseroles all winter long, they are un ultimate comfort food, like a warm hug in a baking dish. Creamy, rich and nourishing they are filling and satisfying when the weather is gloomy and it is cold and you need something warming and cozy. This poppy seed chicken is exactly that. Creamy, easy casserole consisting of chicken, cream of chicken soup, soup cream and topped with buttery ritz crackers and poppy seeds.

The dish is really a plain canvas of flavor with ridiculously short ingredient list. The best part is that you can modify this recipe according to your personal taste and whatever suits your personal palette.

Flavor boosters include cheeses, aromatics like garlic and onion, fragrant herbs like thyme, nutmeg, paprika and red pepper, different seasoning like cajun or Italian. You can also add sauces like Worcestershire, swap ritz crackers fo any other variety that you prefer and add fresh or frozen vegetables like peas or broccoli. Fresh herbs will add a ton of bright, fresh flavors so throw them in if you have on hand.

The constants are the shredded chicken, which you can use any, even the rotisserie, mixed with creamy soup and sour cream and topped with buttery crackers. The textural contrast of creamy filling and crunchy topping is unbeatable and is the best part of this dish. So feel free to add more crackers if you feel like it, you can’t go wrong with delicious pairing of delicate chicken and savory crackers and poppy seeds.

Poppy seeds bring in a wow effect to this simple dish and make it very visually interesting. Follow the instructions below to create this comfort dish.