This is a recipe for a delicious brown stew chicken made in a crock pot. I am addicted to the convenience of this appliance. You can literally throw all of the ingredients in it, turn it on and walk away, just to come back to the crock pot emitting a taunting smell of a mouthwatering, cooked meal. Yes, the dish literally cooks itself.

This chicken stew is guaranteed to excite your taste buds. Bone in chicken thighs are marinated with an aromatic blend of spices like ginger, garlic, thyme, pepper, green onions then browned to amp up the flavors even more, then slowly simmered in a fragrant sauce in a slow cooker.

This dish is plentiful tasty and abundant in flavor. The sauce is rich with dynamite flavors from the bounty of herbs, aromatics, spice sand seasonings used.

The ingredient list is pretty long but do not be scared. Most of the items are very basic herbs and spices. The only exotic ingredient, Jamaican browning sauce is a traditional West Indian condiment that can be found in Caribbean markets and even Wal-Mart.

I also recommend browning the chicken first, before adding it to the crock pot. It is a pretty quick step that really adds to the complexity and richness of the flavor. This chicken is really a party in your mouth. Follow the steps below to make the brown chicken stew.