I can’t even really name this a dip, because it’s so much more than a dip. I love having this smoked salmon dip on toasts, on bagels, on english muffins, I use dollops of it in salads and on egg halves.

This dip is so delicious, I usually can’t stop eating it until it’s all gone or I’m stuffed full. I know that you can easily buy a tub of smoked salmon dip in a store, so why make your own, some would ask, but trust me on this. The difference between the two is like the difference between a frozen dinner and a gourmet meal.

It will turn out more expensive to make your own dip, I’d wager, because there isn’t actually so much smoked salmon in the store bought smoked salmon dip version. I usually buy off-the-shelf smoked salmon, but during summer, when my grill is running almost non-stop, I usually take time to smoke my own salmon and make this dip with a bit of this kind of salmon and I have to say, it’s truly divine.

In any case, the result is award-winning-worthy. It’s creamy, delicious, tangy, with just right amount of salt and herbs and it’s perfect for many things. I really love serving it for big breakfasts when we have family or friends over, and everyone’s having bagels and I maybe bake some English muffins and what not. And of course, it’s good for chips, bread sticks and other things you’d use a dip for. 

Just follow this quick steps below to cook this amazing dish! Have fun!