So, you forgot to thaw the fish. Happens to me all the time, especially if I hit that busy period of life when I’m doing everything on the go. No matter how thoroughly I plan and how many sticky notes, phone reminders or color coding I use, I forget those things. 

Some food tolerates being cooked without defrosting better than other, but usually it’s minced or otherwise finely cut food like ground meat. You’d think that cooking a large frozen chunk of fish without defrosting it would thoroughly ruin it, but the fact is, when you cook frozen salmon on the grill, it actually turns out pretty decent.

I still do recommend to thaw it before cooking, but if you absolutely have to cook frozen salmon (you promised it to your loved one and can’t let them know you forgot all about your special night and didn’t even defrost the fish), do it on the pan or on the grill. This way, you will be able to get rid of excess liquid that comes from it defrosting easiest of all and the fish won’t turn out seared on the outside and frozen on the inside. 

This recipe calls for olive oil only, but if you wish to season your salmon a little bit, once it starts cooking, you can sprinkle it with crushed black pepper, chopped dill and a little lemon juice, this will bring out a lovely flavor. Other than that, just follow the steps below, but don’t forget to thaw your salmon if possible.