Surprise everyone with this party favorite the next game night. Cheesy, creamy buffalo chicken dip conveniently made in a crock pot. The dip is bursting with buffalo chicken wings flavors but without all the work and hassle to make them.

Even though chicken wings are my guilty pleasure I am not always in the mood to spend the time and effort to make them. They are not your easy 10 minute recipe. That is when this delicious buffalo chicken dip comes to the rescue.

Just grab a handful of simple ingredients, throw them in your slow cooker, walk away, just to come back to the kitchen emitting the most taunting smell of buffalo chicken. The crock pot does all the work for you. The result is rich and flavorful buffalo chicken dip that is always a huge hit.

The dip is made with shredded cooked chicken like rotisserie for a convenient shortcut, combined with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, ranch and buffalo sauce. It is thick, luxurious and is perfect for scooping with chips or crackers, or use carrots and celery for a low carb version.

Make sure the soften the cream cheese and cut it into small cubes before adding to the slow cooker together with the rest of the ingredients. It will ensure it melts smoothly into the dip.

The recipe is absolutely fuss free. And I am addicted to the convinience of the crock pot. You can also easily make this recipe in the oven. Follow simple steps to recreate this delicious dip.