This French classic recipe has been modified and simplified to fit a hectic work week easy dinner bill.  Chicken breast is stuffed with cheese that is rolled in ham, and then coated in breadcrumbs and baked instead of  deep fried. The result is delicious, tender on the inside chicken with a filling of savory ham and melty Swiss cheese,  that has a beautiful golden brown breadcrumb coating.

The secret to this pretty and appetizing coating is an easy step that makes all the difference. Just spread the breadcrumbs out on a baking sheet, spray with oil, then bake for 3 minutes. This oven toasting gives the breadcrumbs a head start on the  gorgeous golden color and crunch just like if you would deep fry the chicken. This extra step is definitely worth the effort.

Another helpful tip when baking chicken Gordon blue, is to stuff it with the cheese that is rolled up inside the ham. This is brilliant, the cheese will stay inside and not ooze out of the chicken because the ham will stop it. Chicken breast is cut open to create the pocket for the filling and then dipped in the egg and toasted breadcrumbs and baked.

It is really just that easy. But the chicken breast gordon is as tasty, tender on the inside  and perfectly crunchy and golden on the outside, as if you would spend hours pounding it and rolling it and deep frying it. And of corse way healthier and less calories than a deep fried original version of the dish. Serve chicken gordon bleu with  any of your favorite sides  and sauces for a quick and fuss free dinner.