This chicken burrito is a wonderful snack/meal on the go option for hectic week day meals. Make a big batch of the burritos and then freeze them, for up to two months as a quick and easy meal. They are delicious, filling and satisfying and way better then the store bought cousin, made from scratch with only fresh ingredients.

Burritos are flour tortillas that are filled with shredded or chopped chicken infused with tons of Mexican flavors, Mexican rice, refried beans, cheddar cheese and sour cream. You can also use lamb, steak or turkey as a tasty alternative, whatever suits your personal palette. Chicken filling can be cooked in an instant pot, slow cooker or simply on the stove in a skillet. You can even use rotisserie of any leftover chicken if you need to utilize it.

Cooked chicken is simmered with fragrant herbs and aromatics to create flavorful filling for the burritos. Onion, garlic tomato paste, cumin, chili powder, oregano, salt, lime juice all are the delicious Mexican flavors we are using to spice up the chicken. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper or add a dash of hot sauce to the stuffing if you like some heat.

You can also omit the tortillas and use the chicken filling for the burrito bowls as a low carb version. Burritos stay fresh in the freezer for up to two months. Grab one and reheat in the microwave for 2-4 minutes when ready to enjoy your burrito. Serve with chopped avocados, fresh cilantro and more sour cream. Follow easy steps below to make the burritos.