Chicken chop suey is an American- Chinese stir fry type of dish, consisting of tender pieces of chicken, colorful vegetables and cornstarch thickened, savory sauce. Chicken is tenderized to mimic the authentic restaurant style, the sauce is thick and delicious and is ready to be soaked in with rice or noodles. The dish itself is chicken and vegetables and you can serve it over your favorite asian rice or noodles.

The sauce is a quintessential part of the dish. The key to the best sauce is to use Chinese cooking wine, Shaoxing Wine. It gives the stir fry sauce its signature, distinctive taste, just like in a restaurant. This ingredient is very important in creating the best Chop suey.

I also tenderize the chicken, especially of you are using chicken breast. Chinese take out always has the most tender, melt in your mouth chicken, that has velvety texture,  because it is tenderized. The process is super basic using baking soda. The result will amaze you. The chicken pieces will be soft and juicy and absolutely mouthwatering.

There are three parts to chicken chop suey. Chicken, sauce and vegetables. Using asian inspired vegetables is the best. Carrots, bean sprouts, asian green and mushrooms all work great in this stir fry. The sauce is soy sauce based, and is light and savory.

Serve chicken chop suey over rice or noodles. Follow the instructions below to make this Chinese take out copycat recipe.