Chicken and dumplings is an ultimate comfort dish that always brings back warm childhood memories. This old-fashioned classic is nourishing and absolutely satisfying, there is nothing better on a cold, gloomy day than a hot bowl of homemade chicken and dumplings.

This recipe is a pioneer woman copycat that consists of flavor building mirepoix ( carrots, onions, celery), shredded chicken, homemade broth and made from scratch fluffy buttermilk dumplings. Sometimes simple is just better, and that is exactly what this dish is all about. Comforting, cozy flavors that we are all familiar with and grew up with.

I  like to add thyme to my chicken and dumplings, fancy it up a little bit. It really adds a new  dimension to the broth, you will notice the difference immediately.

You can use homemade  chicken broth if you have it on hand.  Store bought  will do as well  in this recipe if you like to take an express route.  Same goes for the shredded chicken. Use roasted, boiled, poached or even rotisserie as a convenient shortcut. You can use both white and dark meat.

Homemade dumplings are fluffy and infused with aromatic chives for added flavor. They are very easy to make and are light and airy, almost like pillows that melt in your mouth. Be sure not to over mix the batter though because it will make the dumplings dense.

Frozen peas bring a fun pop of color to the dish ( and a serving of vegetables) making it a complete meal that everyone will love.

Follow the steps below to make delicious chicken and dumplings.