These delicious low carb chicken stuffed bell peppers will exceed all of your taste expectations, you will never miss rice and carbs loaded stuffed peppers. They are cheesy filled to the brim with tender chicken meat, savory parmesan and creamy mozzarella cheeses.

This robust dish is guaranteed to satisfy your craving for something filling and comforting. They are flavorful and once you take a bite you cants stop eating them.

They are also a complete breeze to make with just a handful of basic ingredients. Even the novice cooks have a lot of success making the peppers.

The aroma from the peppers baking in the oven is a mouthwatering prelude of what to come. They are seriously addicting. The balance of flavors is perfect, marinara sauce and red peppers flakes adding a subtle amount of spice that hits the taste buds with the right intensity.

These peppers are always a huge hit and get requested at my house a lot. They make a great light dinner or a satisfying lunch. And only take 25 minutes to bake.

Start with creating the tasty filling for the peppers. You can use any cooked, shredded chicken here like poached, boiled or even rotisserie. Mix it with the sauce, cheeses, garlic and spices. Cut the peppers lengthwise for an easy stuffing,  and fill in with the delicious chicken mix. Bake and voila you have a wholesome,  colorful, nourishing meal that everyone will love.

Follow the instructions below to make chicken stuffed peppers.