Chicken in the stick is always a huge hit with the kids. Little ones love the food they can pick up with their hands and eat, it is so much fun. So spoil your picky eaters and make this delicious chicken on the stick recipe.

I make fruit  and vegetables kebabs all the time because it is proven kids will eat anything  if it is on the stick. What a great way to add more healthy protein into your kids diets especially if you have fussy eaters, like mine.

This recipe is very easy as well. You can bake, grill or broils the kebabs. Chicken breast is cut into long strips  and threaded onto the skewers. You can use metal or wooden ones, just make sure to soak the wooden ones in water first so they do not burn. You can also use boneless skinless chicken thigh meat.

Arrange the dipping stations with water and bbq sauce in one shallow bowl and Italian breadcrumbs in the other. Dip the skewers with the chicken into the sauce first then into the breadcrumbs coating well.

This method is a simple algorithm of making the chicken. But you can really improvise with the flavors. Marinate your chicken first for even more flavor (I love Italian dressing) or use other sauces like honey mustard and ranch for dipping. Whatever suits your personal palette and your kids like.

This dish is wholesome and nutritious, low calorie, healthy and tasty as well. Serve with your favorite dipping sauces and sides for a complete meal. Follow the steps below to make chicken on the stick.