I love one-pot recipes. I am a fan of cooking and baking but cleaning up the mess afterwards, not so much. That is why when I come across a simple but delicious one pot recipe that creates a complete meal I am all over it. This 30 minute one pot chicken and pasta is simplicity at its best, and one-pan cooking at it’s best.

Everything gets added in step-by-step, and we end up with a delicious cheesy-creamy pasta dish – with plenty of vegetables, chicken and luscious sauce.

Adding ingredients in a particular order is important because everything has different cooking times. We start with building up the flavors using aromatics like onion and garlic. Then the chicken gets thrown in, followed by the tomatoes, chicken stock and milk that create the flavorful base for the sauce.

Pasta and snap/snow peas go last. This way pasta is not overcooked and the peas retain their irresistible crunch. This dish is simple but very comforting, filling and satisfying. Pasta soaks in the delicious sauce and we also top the whole dish with cheddar cheese and finish it under the broiler to create amazing cheesy, melty crust.

This dish is very kid friendly and a complete meal, all made in one pot, which is my favorite part. Serve it a with a fresh green salad for a quick and easy weeknight dinner. Follow the steps below to create this recipe.