Excite your taste buds and give a new life to chicken with this chicken mole recipe. With the abundant flavors and unique taste mole sauce is a true show-stopper and will turn your average chicken meat into a Mexican cuisine masterpiece.

To make the sauce is a labour of love for sure with over 20 ingredients and about 2 hours of cooking. You can however get creative and pick up a container at your favorite neighborhood Mexican place or even search for it at a latin market. I have an amazing recipe for mole sauce on this website of you are interested in making it form scratch.

You can really use any chicken, whole roasted, even rotisserie in chicken mole recipe. But for this recipe I am going to be cooking chicken breasts( you can also use thighs and legs) to later shred and mix with the mole sauce.

Chicken is first browned to build up the flavors and then slow cooked in a chicken broth infused with orange juice. Shredded chicken is then mixed with mole sauce and you can serve it over cilantro rice or in a tortillas.

Called the national dish of Mexico, this rich and thick sauce has an incredible complexity of flavors and taste. The combination of bounty of ingredients with dominant being chili peppers and dark chocolate gives the sauce its bold, deep dark brown color and distinct taste where the bitter-sweetness of the chocolate in mole sauce subtly counteracts the spiciness of the peppers.

The sauce is earthy, with a slight bittersweet note and a light spicy touch. The variety of herbs and spices used in the sauce is impressive and creates one flavorful powerhouse. I do not think you can really compare mole to anything else taste wise. Give this unique recipe a try with simple steps below.