Chicken bog is a staple southern comfort food with recipe originating in South Carolina. This filling and satisfying dish similar to jambalaya, is a hearty pot filled with shredded chicken, two types of sausage and rice. 

South Carolina is famous for it’s delicious rice dishes with chicken bog being one of them. Rice was widely grown in the region and is still very popular, being part of many dishes. There is an array of different chicken bog recipes with a variation of cooking methods and ingredients.

This recipe is fantastic. A can of creamy chicken soup is added to the rice for extra creaminess and great flavor. And there is double the sausage, breakfast and smoked for even more complex and rich flavor. 

Whole Chicken is first simmered for an hour together with aromatics, then shredded and the fragrant broth is reserved to cook the rice. This technique is brilliant, you get tender, moist and flavorful chicken and a broth in one cooking step.

Everything is done in one pot as well for a super easy clean up, one pot meals are my favorite. Onions and sausage is sautéed in the pot and then the rice, liquids and seasonings and spices go in. Shredded chicken is added and the rice bakes in the oven in a pot for just under an hour emitting taunting smell. 

The hardest part about this dish is to wait for it to be ready. With just a handful of basic ingredients, that are very inexpensive you make a complete meal that will feed a crowd. It is flavorful and cozy. Follow the simple steps to make delicious chicken bog recipe.