have a passion for recreating my favorite exotic cuisine dishes at home. And this Thai chicken satay is no exception. It is absolutely delicious bursting with aromatic flavors and served with rich and creamy peanut sauce. 

Skinless chicken thighs are marinated in an array of Thai flavors inspired spices and sauces together with aromatic red Thai curry paste. I love how convenient this method is. Red curry paste is  a ready-to-go combination of herbs and spices  already grinded into a fragrant paste form, which is how all authentic Thai sauces are made essentially. I like this quick shortcut.

Chicken is pan fried until it is perfectly crispy on the outside  while the meat is tender and juicy and then finished in the oven while you creating the heavenly tasting sauce.

Savory peanut sauce is really the star of the dish.  It is stellar. Creamy, rich and absolutely delicious it is a great complement to the chicken. You can serve it two ways, on the side or simply pour over the chicken in the pan and coat. The sauce is coconut milk based, with an addition of creamy peanut butter, even more red Thai curry paste and a bounty of amazing satay flavors.

The marinade and the sauce have a lot of same ingredients which make it pretty easy for the cook. This dish is out of this world tasty and is suitable for any occasion, especially of you want to wow your guests or family. Follow simple steps to make this recipe.