Chicken Florentine sounds very fancy and elegant but it is actually very easy to make at home. Chicken breast is sautéed and served with rich and luxurious white creamy sauce with spinach. Serve it over mashed potatoes or rice and you have a complete, delicious meal in a flash.

The flavor combinations are really timeless. Spinach is a perfect addition to the silky, velvety cream cheese and white wine based sauce. It cuts through the richness of the sauce taking it to over the edge. Delicately tasting chicken works wonderful with flavorful and savory sauce.

To make this dish is a piece of cake. Start with sautéing chicken breast in oil and butter. Take out of the pan and continue to create the stellar sauce. I like using fragrant garlic as a flavor builder first, then deglaze the pan with white wine. You can also do so using chicken stock, the flavor will be slightly different but still delicious. Add spinach and once wilted finish with cream and cream cheese. That is it easy breezy.

I prefer using baby spinach for this dish but you can really add any kind, just roughly chop it if the leaves are too big so it is easier to eat. Since cream cheese is already salty you should always taste before adding more salt.

This chicken with the sauce is cozy and comforting food that everyone will love. Simple sauce is bursting with flavor and is a great compliment to the chicken.