This spatchcock chicken recipe is a family dinner everyone will love. Thanks to the spatchcock cooking method the chicken is moist, juicy, evenly cooked and absolutely delicious. Chicken is smeared in aromatic herbs and lemon butter and also surrounded by fresh carrots, Brussel sprout and potatoes. Everything roasts in one pan for the easy cleanup. Having no big pile of dishes to wash is my favorite part.

Spatchcock is a specific kind of butterflying technique, for birds. It involves not only removing the backbone but also the keel/breast bone to flatten the chicken that ensures even and quicker cooking. I love roasting chicken this way. There is no need to marinate the chicken or any lengthy prep at all really. But the result is out of this world, tender and juicy, fall apart in your mouth with every bite, extra flavorful chicken that is roasted to perfection.

The veggies also roast alongside the chicken, getting infused with the chicken flavor and fragrant herb butter. These are probably the best tasting vegetables that can be. Crispy on the outside potatoes are soft and flavorful on the inside.

The whole meal comes together in just under an hour because the flattened chicken cooks quicker. With just a handful of basic ingredients you have a complete meal all done in one pan that is hearty and satisfying. Dinner time never been easier with this recipe.