I live for hearty, cheesy casseroles, un ultimate comfort food. There is nothing better on a lazy evening, watching your favorite show then indulge in this cozy and comforting meal. But most of the recipes are loaded with carbs like pasta, rice or flour thickened sauce. That is why this chicken broccoli casserole recipe is absolutely amazing. Same satisfying effect with only 6 grams of carbs. It is Keto diet approved and comes together in a short 25 minutes.

The chicken and broccoli casserole is delicious, bursting with flavors and full of melty cheese. It is also healthy, high in protein and healthy fat and filled to the brim with wholesome broccoli. You will never feel like you are missing out in anything.

And it is all done in one skillet which makes me really happy. The last thing anyone wanna deal with, is a pile of dirty dishes to clean up afterwards. Chicken and broccoli is such a timeless combination of flavors already, but when you throw amazing cream based white sauce and mozzarella cheese in the mix it takes it to the next level of deliciousness. Heavy cream is infused with fragrant garlic with an addition of parmesan and mozzarella for even more creamy textur of the sauce, no thickening with flour needed at all.

Add generous portions of fresh broccoli and cooked , chopped chicken breast or thighs, toss with made from scratch white sauce and broil to melty perfection, making this casserole is a breeze.