Homemade chicken broth is an easy and delicious alternative to a store bought one. It is filled to the brim with lots of veggies, spices and herbs and there for is bursting with flavor, with chicken flavor being the dominant.

Chicken broth can be enjoyed on its own especially when you feel under the weather and need something cozy and soothing to comfort you, it is like a warm hug in a mug. Chicken broth is also is used in the variety of the dishes as well.

Lots of people wonder what is the difference between chicken stock and broth and really they are very similar. Cooked very similar and the ingredients are almost the same.

Chicken meat and bones are boiled for a period of times with vegetables to create flavorful liquid for both. The difference is that chicken stock tends to be less seasoned, and is perfect as a base to make sauces, and gravies. Chicken broth, on the other hand, is well-seasoned and full of flavor, so it’s ready to consume as is. That makes homemade chicken broth perfect to use in soups and casseroles, or to just sip on its own.

Chicken broth comes together in one pot. Whole chicken with bones simmers away on the stove together with vegetables emitting taunting smell. It basically cooks itself. Simply pile all the ingredients in the pot with water and walk away. The recipe makes about 20 cups of broth which is plenty for all your favorite dishes and to drink on a cold rainy day. It freezes beautifully for up to 3 months as well. Follow the simple instructions for the best chicken broth.