Excite your taste buds with this delicious French cuisine culinary delight, chicken marengo. Chicken thighs are seared to perfection then braised in white wine sauce infused with San Marzano tomatoes and fragrant herbs and aromatics.

The recipe is so easy but so flavorful thanks to all the amazing, fragrant herbs. Chicken is tender, fall of the bone and juicy. I recommend using thighs, because thicken breast  tends to dry out in this recipe.

Chicken thighs are seared in the pan to a beautiful amber brown  and then finished in the oven with the luxurious sauce. The oven is emitting the most taunting smell while the chicken is simmering away in the oven, and the aroma is just a  mouthwatering  prelude of what to come.

The sauce for the chicken is seller with delicious aromatics like woodsy mudrooms, garlic and onions being perfect flavor  builders that pair wonderfully with chicken. The base for the sauce is chicken broth with a sweet kiss from San Marzano tomatoes and flavorful floral note from the white wine.

This dish is great for any occasion be it a fancy and elegant dinner party or just a casual Wednesday night dinner. It is easy to make with just a handful of ingredients with guaranteed outstanding results. Follow the simple steps to make this delicious chicken Marengo.