Make this classic Italian offering, chicken cacciatore in half the time with the magic of the instant pot. Combining all the traditional Italian flavors like fresh herbs, aromatics, tomatoes, mushrooms  and peppers instant pot  chicken cacciatore is delicious and extra flavorful without having to braise it on the stove for hours.

Cacciatore is a rustic poultry stew, prepared hunters style with onions, herbs and tomatoes. Chicken is fall of the bone tender and the sauce is luxuriously rich with deep, complex flavors. And all of this can be made in a short 45 minutes when cooked in a pressure cooker.

Chicken cacciatore can be served over rice or pasta or zucchini noodles of you are eating low carb. It is an ultimate comfort food bursting with authentic Italian  flavors.

This recipe is a delicious one pot meal that the whole family will love. And so easy to make even the novice cooks will have a lot of success making this dish.

Skinless, bone in chicken thighs are cooked in an instant pot  together with vegetables until they are super tender, falling off the bone. The dish is made  in a fraction of time and is very convenient when you are in a rush but need a hearty and satisfying meal.

This recipe is a plain canvas of flavor, you can jazz it up adding more of your favorite Italian inspired herbs, woodsy mushrooms for a more earthy flavor of the sauce or any other of your favorite rustic vegetables.

Follow the steps below to make delicious chicken cacciatore in an instant pot.