This flavorful Indian curry recipe, chicken saag, is easy made in the comfort of your own house. It is bursting with bold and delicious flavors and is pretty close to a real restaurant style curry. Chicken thigh meat is stewed together with aromatic Indian spices, tomato paste, ginger paste, homemade onion paste and frozen spinach.

The sauce is dynamite. It is thick, dark and rich, with complex and intense Indian flavors.

Making Indian dish at home from scratch might seem like a bold and ambitious resolution. But it is actually pretty easy, especially if you try different dishes and have all the spices on hand. The spice combination is pretty standard for many dishes, you just really change the other ingredients.

The most important key ingredient in this chicken saag is the onions. Browned for up to 30 minutes, think onion soup, they are the essential builders of the flavors and that is how the authentic Indian restaurants make it.

This recipe is simplified and modified. We are creating onion paste after microwaving the onions for 10 minutes. And the taste is very, very close, trust me.

To make chicken saag only takes 40 minutes, but the result is mouthwatering, fragrant curry that is to die for. This recipe is absolutely foolproof. Make sure to carefully follow all the detailed steps to create this wonderful Indian cuisine masterpiece.