If you are a fan of quick and easy casseroles that are cheesy, filling and satisfying you are gonna love this chicken spaghetti recipe. Cooked chopped chicken is mixed with spaghetti noodles and creamy, cheesy sauce and baked in the oven till golden, bubbling perfection for the ultimate cozy dish. This dinner might become your family’s regular dinner repertoire. It is like a warm hug in a form of a spaghetti casserole, very comforting and nourishing.

All the ingredients are pretty basic and you probably already have them in your fridge and pantry. And it only involves a few easy step to make this dish. Create delicious made from scratch creamy cheesy sauce, boil the spaghetti al dente, combine with chicken and canned tomatoes and bake. You can use rotisserie chicken which is very convenient because you do not need to cook it first, just simply shred. But you can also boil the chicken for this dish.

The sauce is flavorful and decadent but easy to make as well. Simply start building the flavors with bell peppers, garlic and onions, add flour and cream and then stir in parmesan and cheddar.

Save this delicious casserole with a side salad like chaser for a complete meal that everyone will love. This dish is very easy on the brain, inexpensive but will feed a crowd. Definite winner for me.